Sign-Off: My 5 Favorite Things About Morgantown Man Cave

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December 17, 2013 by Kevin M. Duvall

The Fall 2013 semester of Blogging and Interactive Journalism has come to an end, and with it, so has Morgantown Man Cave. Throughout the semester, two of our most popular articles types were interviews and lists. It would be really weird to interview myself, so I’ve fashioned my signoff into a list of five things I loved about this blog.

1. The Bloggers

I did not know any of my fellow man cave dwellers before taking this class, and except for Tim (with whom I worked on two class assignments), I did not know them before starting the group blog in the last six weeks of the semester.

I’ve consistently been impressed with everyone’s work, and all the man cave guys have been great to work with. Plus, they’re really cool dudes. Thanks for a fun semester, guys.

2. The Development

The blog gave us all a chance to develop as writers. Throughout the project, our voices became well defined, and we stepped outside our comfort zones by not always sticking to the same topics. For example, I’d never done a band interview before this blog, and I had a blast with them.

3. The Local Angle

I’m not going to lie. Upon first reading the group blog assignment, I didn’t really want to do a Morgantown-specific blog. My personal blog (which I’ll shamelessly plug here) is not focused on any particular geographic area, so I thought finding topics would be hard and too limiting. And sometimes, it was hard, but looking for topics made me find cool things about the town I might have missed otherwise.

4. The Comments

Thought most (if not all) of the comments on this blog were from fellow blogging students fulfilling a course requirement, some of the comments sections turned into really good discussions about the topic at hand. And of course, the feedback was always nice to read. That brings me to my last point.

5. The Readers

I’m glad so many people read our blog and have loved having people tell me they enjoyed it. The feedback from classmates and outside readers has been positive and constructive; I have no doubt the readers have made the blog better over its lifespan.

I’m also happy that the blog theme could appeal to more than just men. Some of our most enthusiastic feedback has come from female readers, showing that a “man cave” can really be for anyone.

Lastly, thanks to all the people we’ve interviewed for articles over the semester. I’m glad our participants had fun being part of the stories. I’d also like to thank many of our fellow men and women for sharing our work on their own pages.

And that’s the list. I’ll leave everyone to shed a manly tear or two with Semisonic’s seminal late ’90s anthem, “Closing Time.” Remember, men, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end (yeah).

And if that’s not a sufficiently manly ending, here’s a video tribute to Ronald Ulysses Swanson.


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