Gentlemen, Start Your Engines


December 6, 2013 by trentcu

The mountainous and diverse terrain of the Appalachians proves quite beneficial for a wide array of outdoor recreation, some of which has been previously highlighted on this blog. Those who choose to incorporate motorsports into their recreation are well accommodated by the region’s numerous tracks and off-road trails. I’ll proceed to reveal a few of the more notable among them.

Located just south of Clarksburg, the Pyramid Valley racing track provides riders with opportunities to ride their machines competitively or for leisure. The following video enables one to observe the track from a rider’s perspective (action starts at 1:00 of video).

For those motorsport enthusiasts who enjoy watching professionals ride competitively, a great annual opportunity exists just north of Morgantown. High Point Raceway is a host to multiple races that are part of the national championship circuit, with the following NBC Sports production illustrating the atmosphere of one of the past events.

Riders seeking both a versatile and somewhat challenging riding experience can definitely find that at an extremely popular riding destination in southern West Virginia. The Hatfield-McCoy trail system is well-known not only for its vastness, but its diversity, with its amphibious aspect (displayed below) being a prominent feature and major contributor to its appeal.

These tracks/trails, which locations are pegged below, represent only a small portion of the motorsport destinations the region provides, but comprise many of the attributes that motorsport enthusiasts seek.



4 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

  1. rachelwvu says:

    I’m so glad you posted about this!!! In Southern WV, we learn to ride dirt bikes instead of bicycles! I grew up around The Hatfield & McCoy trails, and they’re keeping our communities alive. Since many of the coal mines have closed, people have adapted by creating cabin rental businesses for the visiting trail riders. People come from Canada, Wisconsin–all over. It’s an experience for sure! There are 8 trails and the difficulty ranges from easy to deadly. Your videos are a good touch because some people have never been around atvs. It shows just how muddy you can get!

  2. ryanfadus says:

    A very interesting article. Good use of video to highlight each track and good amount of information to describe each one. The addition of the map is also useful for helping show where each one is. I liked the first video since it gives a first person account of the course so those watching it can get a feel for what it is like. The other videos do a good job highlighting the courses from a different perspective.

  3. karleapack says:

    Can’t say that I don’t love a post with a crap load of visuals. You definitely sparked my interest with the dirtbike videos considering I actually used to ride. Yes, I know… hard to believe. I didn’t know they held anual professional races around here either, that was nice to find out. Your usage of the map to aid your included videos was a great idea and made this already awesome post much more interactive for us readers. Really enjoyed this post! Good work.

  4. aaaaaargh says:

    Kind of a general infodump, but thorough and provides clear service. As I read, I wondered “But will there be a map?” And there was!

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