Spring Intramurals Preview


December 4, 2013 by ryanfadus

With the Fall semester wrapping up shortly, Fall intramurals are coming to an end.  However, they will be back next semester and this post is to inform as well as explain which sports are available and a brief overview of the rules.

In the first post I wrote for the Man Cave, I explained how to register and complete all the other paper work to play intramurals.  Now that you know how to do that it’s time to find out what sports are available for the Spring semester.  There are three main sports that students can participate in; wiffleball, softball and kickball.  Unfortunately there is no information released yet on when signups will start, but if you head over to the WVU intramural page then you should be able to find out when it is time to register.

wiflballFor wiffleball, there is an entire list of rules that includes everything from ejections to equipment management.  Even though it seems pretty easy to get a plastic bat and ball.  Also included is how the game will operate such as who will bat first, length of play and how many players can be on the field, just to name a few.

Softball1Softball is usually a very popular intramural during the Spring and many students get involved in it.  The rules are the same as for wiffleball, but it is when the game actually starts is where the biggest difference comes into play.  For example, in softball there is a mercy rule for teams who lead by ten runs or more after four complete innings or 3 ½ depending on if it’s the home team.  When it comes to pitching the team that is batting has to have one of their players pitch to them.  This is an interesting rule since most of the time they would just throw them garbage pitches that their team can destroy or get walked on.

With softball, students can also be in co-rec leagues which have rules of their own.  A co-rec team must have five men and five women on them and when it comes to batting it must alternate between the two.

denton_KickballKickball is also another sport offered during the Spring.  The rules for this sport are very different from wiffleball and softball and in some cases seem a little stricter.  For instance, there is a no profanity rule and if a player does swear then they are projected.  This is interesting since after reading that I thought how many players are left at the end of the game.  For game time play it seems a little too organized for just an intramural sport.  They have everything from scorecards to late arriving players to players who are leaving early.  It seems as though are more rules for kickball then for wiffleball and softball combined. Even though these rules are in place for a reason, it seems as though they could tone it down a bit.

Even though signups have not started yet, this brief overview should give you some good insight as to what to expect if you plan on playing any of these sports during the Spring semester.  Also additional information can be found on WVU Intramurals Twitter page.


One thought on “Spring Intramurals Preview

  1. iamoore says:

    I had no idea that WVU offered wiffleball as an intramural. Intramural sports have always been something I have been interested in but it always seems to slip my mind. I like the amount of information you gave on each of the returning sports. I find the pitching rule in softball strange, and agree with you that it probably just leads to meatballs getting destroyed. Perhaps it’s so the teams are on an even playing field but it think it takes away a huge aspect of the game.

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