Partying at WVU: 6 tips on how to not have a sucky time partying


December 2, 2013 by ryanglaspell




One of the multiple I’m Shmacked videos chronicling the party lifestyle at WVU.

Just in case there was an elephant in the room for anyone reading, WVU is known as a party school. And not just any party school, but Playboy’s #1 ranked party school in the nation. When it comes to entertainment in Morgantown, it’s hard to not let the loud and intoxicated nightlife make an appearance. Keggers and bar crawls aren’t for everyone. Some people (myself included) forego the alcohol and aim to have fun other ways. Even if you don’t drink, this is a list of tips for how to not have a terrible experience at a party. So, if you read a reference to drinking and you are sober or underage, imagine I’m referring to Red Bull or chocolate milkshakes.

6 tips on how to not have a sucky time partying

1. Go with someone you know.

Original image found here.

Original image found here.

Look at almost any blog post or article about parties and one of the most recurring and highly emphasized pointer will be to remember the buddy system. Going places alone can be scary and intimidating. Having a friend who cares about you looking out for you can help you avoid some messy situations. But don’t attach yourselves to them like your life depends on it! They want to have a good time too. Think of them as a lifeboat, you don’t need to be with them while the ship is full sail ahead. It’s when things get bumpy that you want to jump in.

2. Know your limit.

Or at least set yourself a limit. Everything is fine and dandy until you have a few too many and you wake up in a puddle of vomit and regret. If you want to get buck wild and drink until you can’t anymore… then at least know what you’re getting into. Alcohol poisoning is never a good time. There are tips and charts for helping you figure out how much you should drink. If you want to take it easy and casually have a few drinks while playing a heated game of Cards Against Humanity, then go for it! Don’t let others intimidate you into taking a shot every time “that one guy” falls down.

3. Don’t leave your drink unattended.

This is one that also appears in countless lists, but that’s because it is important. Although the sick people who drug drinks are far and few between, nothing turns an energetic, fun party into a miserable night like having your beer you left unattended for two minutes get drugged. Know the basic facts about date rape drugs. Don’t accept opened drinks and be very watchful of whatever you’re currently drinking.

4. Be social.

It is a party, not a stand-in-the-corner-athon. There are sure to be some really cool people around. Take some tips from fellow man-site Made Man on how to be social. Let your bashfulness disappear for a few hours and make conversation with people. You might find some new friends, or even a potential love interest. You never know unless you talk. But with that said…

5. Be aware of the come-on.

In a place filled with alcohol and hormone laden college kids, there are going to be people that are just looking for a hookup. By all means have fun and interact with people, and if you’re looking for some romance then have at it. But if someone is being extremely “friendly” and touchy and suggests “getting out of here,” or something of the likes, you should be aware what might be happening. After awhile it takes some naivety to not realize you’re being hit on. Check out this blog post  if you need it spelled out. (Note: a well-functioning buddy system complete with safe words can help get you out of an awkward situation.)

Comic from Unimportant Conversation

Comic from Unimportant Conversation

6. Have fun.

You’re only in your 20s once. After college comes a career, a family, and bills, bills, bills. It’s important to follow certain tips to enhance your party-going experience, but if you spend all night worrying and paranoid, then you will never reap the benefit of a college party. Let your proverbial hair down. Go with the flow and play a game. Dance. Sing loudly and sloppily. The night is all yours!

Have any more tips? Leave them in the comments below!


15 thoughts on “Partying at WVU: 6 tips on how to not have a sucky time partying

  1. Ryan, I think this is a great post. I know a lot of people that don’t drink or party hard, but the vast majority of students here do. My last post before Thanksgiving was on the new drunk mode app, and my post for tomorrow is on the increase in DUI rate in Morgantown. I think it’s good students have fun, but I also think there are several obvious safety concerns associated with it that many students forget to take into account. I think your post lays out nicely how to have a good time, but in a safe way. Good job!

    • ryanglaspell says:

      Thanks Whitney!

      I’m glad you have similar posts. In a party-centered town like Morgantown I don’t think there can be too much advice or too many tips when it comes to how to have a safe, pleasant experience with parties.

  2. This post got my attention right away from the title, I think you got a clever idea here and you shared it with us over this blog effectively. This not only is a post helpful to people who don’t drink or want to, but it is just as helpful to those who do! You bring up helpful tips and explain them in a light but informative way. I believe someone who likes to drink will appreciate this article just as much as someone who does not. This article informs us tips information about safety when going out that we can apply anywhere- even going to a crowded event like Fall Fest or a FootBall Game! Awesome post again.

    • ryanglaspell says:

      Thanks Ilyssa!

      I’m glad that it could be useful to those who don’t necessarily want to partake in drinking. I was hoping that it could be useful for people regardless of their decision to drink, but I wasn’t sure how effectively it would overlap.

  3. ebuchman5 says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I think you did a nice job here incorporating humor and facts. Your tips are good and definitely true! I definitely think one of the most important tips you offer here is to know your limit. After being in undergrad, I can absolutely say there is nothing worse than going out with a friend who just went through a breakup! It’s frustrating sometimes going out if some of your friends are in that partying mood and others just want to relax and have a few drinks. I’ve seen some of these situations escalate, and it’s never, ever fun. Nice job displaying facts but refraining from the post being too advice-driven.

    • ryanglaspell says:

      Haha, oh the post-breakup phase. Thanks Eva. It is a pretty advice-y topic, but I thought it would be fun and relevant to do anyways. I’m glad it doesn’t come of as overwhelmingly opinionated jargon.

  4. Ryan,

    I loved your opening paragraph. Very great use of your personal voice and making it a little more personal. The advice you give is pretty relevant and not too advice-y. Since you introduce yourself as someone who doesn’t drink, it helps that you use links to validate the information you’re presenting. Sometimes it’s hard to take “advice” from someone who is not necessarily experienced or credible with the topic. In this case, I think you wrote about the topic just fine considering you’re not directly involved in what you’re writing.

  5. kevinmduvall says:

    Really good post, Ryan. I like how even though it’s a serious subject, you’ve kept the content fairly lighthearted without trivializing the potential dangers of excessive partying. It keeps the post from being too health class-like. Also, the links are valuable and integrated well. A couple stray thoughts:

    1) What does it say about me that I read the phrase “bills, bills, bills” as though it were being sung by Destiny’s Child?

    2) I don’t know who told that comic writer the “just got out of a relationship thing” is a “never fails,” but it is an egregious lie.

    • ryanglaspell says:

      I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of that song while writing that line, so you are in good company, or at least my company. I also agree that the heartbroken boyfriend doesn’t play out like that. Maybe the comic is from the west coast and things are different out there.

      Either way, thanks for the comment!

  6. I love the headline! It instantly drew me in. Also, I love how you’re talking about a serious subject, but keeping it light and funny. (Possibly the only way men will listen 😉 )

  7. cricha18 says:

    There are a lot of great posts and topics out there about alternative methods of fun and partying here in Morgantown, but I really appreciate this post because you provide tips for people to be safe who engage in that form of partying. If you’re going to have that type of fun you might as well be safe doing it.

  8. frostedtsaar says:

    Nice post. It’s a subject that can, unfortunately, get tired sometimes since we hear it so much. Your humor makes it less so, which really pulls it together.

  9. dkrotz says:

    This is a great post! At first I was anticipating numbers 1-6 on this list to be “have a beer (which would probably be my personal list),” but your voice and sense of humor as well as all of the content you included make this post a great one. I especially like the cartoon you included to only add to the humor of this post.

  10. aaaaaargh says:

    Okay, it’s a list, but it’s a (mostly) sourced list, so there’s decent service happening here, and you have a passable angle at the start with the party school thing. I’m surprised you didn’t go with something more timely, though, like the end of semester – the university’s been saturating campus with stats about binge drinking and that sort of thing, which could be a help.

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