A Couple Man-Approved Retailers


November 22, 2013 by trentcu

With the heart of the holiday shopping season fast approaching, it seems relevant to both the calendar and the spirit of this blog to highlight a couple Morgantown retailers that strongly accommodate some specific interests of men.

Men’s fascination with machines has been a topic of debate seemingly forever. The obsession obviously extends beyond cars, to the likes of power tools, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. Perhaps, it is partially a product of men seeing appeal in harnessing the power of the machine they’re operating, enhancing our perceived manliness in the process.


Sufficiently satisfying that appeal and revolving interests is Morgantown Power Sports, which sells various motorized bikes and all-terrain vehicles from numerous manufacturers. Located on the Mileground, the shop offers a wide array of motorsport accessories, as well as the many corresponding parts for the vehicle models that they sell. The shop is diverse enough in its content to constitute a solid starting point for beginners or those interested in getting involved with motorsports.

In spite of some rather, lets say “interesting” assertions to the contrary, I can assure you that the playing of musical instruments, particular those of acoustic and percussion classifications, has traditionally been regarded as a very heterosexual and masculine activity. Maybe, an instrument’s ability to allow one to express his aggression and angst in a way that he cannot on his own is where some appeal lies?

Beavis seems to concur with that sentiment.

Regardless, those with an interest in musical instruments can find great accommodation at Fawley Music. Located in Sabraton, the shop offers a volume of services that should satisfy any level of instrumental enthusiast. Its rental program, in particular, provides beginners with a lot of flexibility in terms of experimenting with different instruments.

For those interested in either retailer, I have pegged their specific locations in the Morgantown area. Have both a fulfilling and safe Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “A Couple Man-Approved Retailers

  1. ryanglaspell says:

    I like the idea of “manly” retailers. Your voice fits really well with the tone and theme of the story. Also, the picture and video are really funny and kind of set the tone for how the story is read.

    I do think that this post could have been expanded or broken apart to include more info. Although lists are done a ton on blogs, a “Top x” number of manly retailers would, or a multi-part series, would have looked cool and worked out well. Not to say this isn’t enjoyable though! It was a fun and easy read.

  2. I also agree that the voice is always a nice touch. However, you only mention two retailers. How is that enough for an area? I also know a big part of your blog is to be funny and establish this voice, but I think it even more so narrows the type of audience you’re appealing to. It’s further stereotyping the genders which can turn people away. I do like the use of google maps and it works well with this type of content.

  3. dkrotz says:

    I really like your voice in this post, and I think it does a good job of covering those two locations. But, like Natalie, I agree that you should probably should have found some more retailers in the Morgantown area in order to expand this post. If you can, I think maybe this could be a multi-post topic in order to include other “manly” retailers in the area.

  4. frostedtsaar says:

    I agree with the other commenters in that I think we can definitely expand this. I’m sure there’s all sorts of “manly” retailers in Morgantown we can profile — might make for a nice repeating feature. Having more in one post might not be bad either. Other than that, great idea and an easy read.

  5. Bought my first guitar at Fawleys, a Yamaha Dreadnought. It’s not as intense as it sounds, but it’s a great guitar and I got it for a pretty good price.

    Still, I wasn’t impressed by the service and expertise compared to Showtime down at the Meadowbrook Mall. I’d go to Showtime to get something fixed but Fawley’s to buy things – Showtime is obnoxiously expensive.

    For you metalheads, I can ensure there’s some brutal axes over at Fawley’s as well.

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