Take a Hike! (A Follow Up)


November 15, 2013 by trentcu

To expand on my previous “Man Cave” post, I’ve decided to redirect my hiking/trail focus from a location outside of Morgantown (Coopers Rock State Forest) to a collection of trails that are considerably more localized relative to the city. I know that delving into this subject matter in consecutive weeks may induce sentiment mirroring or similar to the following:


I’m amply aware of the seasonal context, Jack. You really need to calm down and prepare for your return to television next year, which your fans are extremely stoked about.

The truth is that recreational use of trails is not something absolutely restricted by the calendar or the corresponding elements, as adhering to the most prudent and common sense of measures can ensure a great hiking experience even in the harshest of conditions. Granted, one is not likely to encounter conditions of THAT magnitude in northern West Virginia, but the point remains valid.

Whether in the heat of summer or the considerably cooler days of winter, the unrealized size and reach of Morgantown’s four largest publically maintained trails provide a vast recreational platform for local men.

What if I were to tell you that Morgantown’s public trails combine to comprise nearly twice the miles of the 2013 Boston Marathon route? Would you laugh at me and fit my cranium with a large, pointy hat before ultimately shunning me?


Precisely how bad would you feel if you were to subsequently find out that I would be RIGHT, with the Marathon comprising 26 miles relative to the 49 miles of Morgantown’s trails.

The graph below aims to further place the scope of the Morgantown trail network into context.


The extremely large trail system is well maintained by the Board of Parks and Recreation, with its combination of concrete and crushed limestone surfaces proving quite conducive for a wide array of recreational activities, including biking and jogging.

This map tremendously illustrates the geography of the trails for those interested.


3 thoughts on “Take a Hike! (A Follow Up)

  1. This was an interesting post. I liked that you focuses JUST in Morgantown and not outside of Morgantown. Although, I don’t think that would have been bad either. I just like that this was basically to surprise people about the number of trails right in the local area. This is great because students or non-students can read this and use this information especially if they don’t have the means to drive out of the town.

    • Also, the graph was a good idea, but I think a little unnecessary. You basically said Morgantown has double the length of a Marathon. Marathons are always the same distance, and double just means the graph will look like what it sounds. I think the data just didn’t need to be displayed as a graph.

  2. karleapack says:

    I really liked reading this post and cracked up quite a bit at the pictures as well as your comical comments. I had no clue about all of the trails within Morgantown so this actually surprised me. This type of post would be great for informing outdoor-lovers, though like Natalie stated, I’m not sure if the bar graph was absolutely necessary. Other than that, I liked it.

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