WVU’s Manliest Classes pt.1


November 14, 2013 by frostedtsaar

We at the Man Cave here generally cater to those men and women of Morgantown attending WVU, and who are interested in becoming a little more grand. Lucky for both you and me, attending WVU means that we have access to some rather elite class choices to flex our masculine sides. What with everyone scheduling for Spring semester right now, I figure you all might want some help deciding what classes you can choose.

Today we’ll be looking at two of the most manly classes at WVU. First:

Strength and Conditioning Methods
EXPH 369

There’s not much that’s manlier than pushing and pulling large metal weights and getting buff the old-fashioned way.

“I don’t know that the girls would say that,” laughed Guyton Hornsby, associate professor of the Strength and Conditioning Methods course. He emphasizes that a large percent of his class is made up by girls — an unneeded caveat, as we at the Man Cave know that manliness is a quality that anyone can have.

Professor Hornsby

Also I know a few girls who could definitely beat me up if I didn’t mention that. They’re scary.

Professor Hornsby says that students “learn both the physiology and application of applying strength training working with all different kinds of population and patients.”

In addition to strength training, the class teaches students the methods of teaching others strength and conditioning — from kids to elderly. Professor Hornsby says that his students are regularly surprised at his strength, considering he is over 60 years old. Damn, that’s manly.

“Many of them come in and see what we’re asking them to do, and they’re really afraid,” he explained. “By the end of the semester, they’re pretty much all weightlifters, and most of them really enjoy it. They definitely are a lot stronger when they walk out.”

This course does have some prerequisites (two semesters exercise physiology course), so unfortunately it’s not something one can just sign up for. However, if this seems like something you want to pursue, look on over at the Strength and Conditioning Minor page for ideas of classes to take. It’s never too late to start working on that toned body of your dreams.

Tae Kwon Do

From Korea comes the now-popular martial arts style Tae Kwon Do, or Taekwondo. In the 1940s, a bunch of badass Korean masters developed it as partial combination of taekkyeon, Okinawan karate and other styles, and it’s been an Olympic event since 2000.

WVU Tae Kwon Do team 2011

And you can learn it at WVU, with absolutely no prerequisites. A variety of Taw Kwon Do courses are taught here, all by Professor Tony M. Artice, and can all be found on the course catalog.

Click to enlarge and see details

Now, these may not have prerequisites, but that doesn’t mean they’re a walk in the park, either. I’ve heard of people going into it for the easy A, only to come out crying. Those that stick with it, though, find it to be a rewarding, and even fun, experience.

That’s all for this time. What manly classes have you taken or would like to see offered at WVU?


7 thoughts on “WVU’s Manliest Classes pt.1

  1. ryanglaspell says:

    First off, I’m glad this is a part one because I think this has a lot of potential to produce a good number of posts.

    It’s highly relevant because people are scheduling and some may have a credit or two they need to be filled with any class. I know I’m taking kickboxing with Tony Artice to help me get credits in to graduate early. The idea of a “manly” class is comical as well. Your voice is humorous.

    The comment at the bottom asking for manly classes is good too. It encourages readers to respond, and with that I will.

    I’ve taken 0 manly classes. Embarrassing, I know.

    I’d love to see: “Bear Grylls Survival 101” and “Intro to Beard Growing”

  2. emilycharlottecotter says:

    I really like this post, and parts are really humorous which is great. I think it’s a really relevant post (although perhaps slightly too late–freshmen scheduled last Monday). I don’t think this really needs to be a two-parter, though. I think you could have added more to this post and it would have been perfect.

  3. kevinmduvall says:

    In addition to providing some manly options for higher education, the gym classes are fun in general. They can be a great way to relax after harder classes and pick up some easy extra credit hours if you need them. I took bowling my freshman year (is the considered manly? The Dude and Walter liked it, so maybe) and it was a very enjoyable class to look forward to three times a week.

  4. I LOVE IT. Awesome job, it’s very funny and also structured really well. I loved how you put pictures on the right on text in some parts, because after a while of putting pictures centered, it gets old. I’m really proud of all of us to sticking to the “Manly” part of everything, especially you with this post. Great ending asking for classes to add. I suggest the military training class, that’s pretty manly.

  5. dkrotz says:

    I think this post is great. I really like the way you integrated the interview with Professor Hornsby into the story, and I appreciated the humor within this post. I also think you had a great idea of making this only part one of a series of posts. It’s definitely going to keep me interested in the future posts to come.

  6. ryanfadus says:

    Very good post. Goes nicely with our manliest things posts. Good in depth analysis of each class. Also good idea only having two this week since it keeps people hanging on edge to see what you will post next week. It would be cool if you got replies and responses from people too to see what they think.

  7. […] bit about local entertainment. Whether you enjoy music, video games, sports, or just the notion of “manliness”, I hope that you were able to take something away from this blog. I know I personally gained a lot […]

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