Take a Hike! (Literally)


November 8, 2013 by trentcu

Though those who are not overly familiar with the area may be hesitant to explore the mountains of West Virginia by foot due to concerns reinforced by Hollywood of the hills being populated with deformed, inbred cannibals, I can assure you that those concerns are unfounded.

Do we West Virginians REALLY look that threatening?


All kidding aside, West Virginia is well known across the country for the tremendous hiking opportunities it provides, with local Coopers Rock State Forest being a well reviewed location, offering great terrain diversity and a wide array of trails to hikers.

Men looking to stay in shape can help meet that objective by taking advantage of the proximity of the park and the trails it provides. It is something that southwest Pennsylvania resident Tyler Robskie frequently does by jogging the Roadside Trail (shown below) twice a month.


“It’s just a great place to exercise,” he said. “The quality of the setting really helps the experience.”

Though Robskie prefers the smoother, more level trails, the park also offers much more uneven, challenging stretches of terrain for those looking to exercise more muscle groups and test their balance and agility, as the following image I captured illustrates.


The above images display only a ridiculously small portion of the diverse terrain of the Coopers Rock State Forest. It offers a tremendous opportunity for exercise and recreation for Morgantown men looking to briefly get away from the city setting.

Another thing I can attest to, having explored the trail for hours to gather images, is that Coopers Rock is a 100% blood-thirsty mutant free zone.



4 thoughts on “Take a Hike! (Literally)

  1. This was interesting, but I think it could have been elaborated on way more. What is the terrain like? If someone is interested in trail running, they probably want more details before they commit to going out there on their own. Maybe research some races that are at these places?

  2. iamoore says:

    I liked the idea of this post, hiking fits very well with the idea of the Manly activity. I liked the little pieces of humor that were spliced into this post about fear of mutants keeping people from hiking. I think a map of different trails could have been interesting for this post to show readers just how many trails they have to enjoy around them.

  3. zvoreh says:

    I love going up to coopers rock any time I get the chance and it’s proximity to Morgantown is great. but i feel like this post is lacking, maybe show me what muscles groups i would be working if I walked these trails, or show me some more pictures. I like the idea it just feels like it could have had more info.

  4. karleapack says:

    Cracked up at the joke about mutants, stereotypes about this state are so ridiculous and I just loved that you posted that picture. Still giggling. Seeing as how I am a West Virginian born and raised, yes I have seen my fair share of interesting people, but no mutants yet! Thank goodness.
    Anyway, this post was short and sweet, and I thought there was a very nice balance of text and pictures. I really liked the earlier suggestion of adding something on what trails worked exactly which muscles. Perhaps you could make it some type of comparative bar chart of some kind? That may sound dumb, I’m not sure….. but I agree with Zak.

    P.S. The title made me giggle as well, good job.

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