New ticketing system helps students get into basketball games easier


November 6, 2013 by ryanfadus

With football season going on for a few more weeks, basketball season is upon us here at WVU.  For years and years students have had to wait outside of the Coliseum just to get inside and sit in the student section.  They would have to brave all kinds of weather; snow, rain and wind just to get a good seat to the game.  At one point, everyone who went to these games would complain about waiting outside and how they should have the ticketing system just like for football games.  Well, it has finally been announced that the SGA was able to get approval to do this and the ticketing system is currently in place for all home basketball games this year.

So far, the ticketing system is just open for men’s basketball games.  Their season has already started and students can begin to request tickets for the next game which is against Mount St. Mary’s on Friday November 8.  The system works the same as for football tickets and it will finally allow students who don’t want to wait in line for hours just to get into the student section.  An article posted just a few weeks ago talked more into detail about this situation. 

When requesting a ticket you have three choices to choose from; lower standing, lowerwvu-hoops seated and upper level.  There will also be 2,300 student tickets available for each home game this year.  The lower standing is where the original student section was and will continue to be.  Maniacs don’t have to worry either since there is a special section designated for them.  The SGA and everyone else involved did a really good job of thinking students as well as regular people who pay to see the game.  The sections won’t take up much more room and there are still plenty of seats left for regular ticket payers.

Students are very excited for this new policy and some plan to go to more games now because of it.  Eric Catafago said, “I’m really looking forward to going to more games this year than in the past because of this new ticketing system.” 

Even though West Virginia is playing against teams that aren’t very good, ticket requests should still be high.  Many students are probably wondering how well it works and how much better it really is than waiting outside in bad weather just to see a game.  Once Big 12 play starts though, expect ticket request numbers to go up, especially when Kansas comes to town.  “I can’t wait to go to the Kansas game this year, since I don’t have to wait in line and I can basically sit anywhere I want,” Catafago said.

The Mountaineers have only played one game using the new ticketing system and with many more to go, expect more and more students to use it.  That being said there are a few things can be made to make sure this process goes smoother and get as many students at the games as possible.  Since the basketball team plays almost every day, emails should be sent out to all students so they know when registration begins and ends for the upcoming game or games.  By doing this the Coliseum can expect more students to show up and cheer for the Mountaineers.  Another thing that might be useful is have an interactive map so students can see where each section is exactly and if they want to sit there or somewhere else.

These are just a few suggestions that can make the ticketing process more user friendly, but as of right now many students are excited about it and are prepared to take full advantage of it.  “Since this is my senior year, I want to go to as many games as possible.  With this new ticketing system I can do that now,” Catafago said.  


6 thoughts on “New ticketing system helps students get into basketball games easier

  1. samanthacart says:

    I am so excited that they have implemented the ticketing system for basketball. Standing outside in the cold to get in was a huge deterrent for me. I enjoyed your post because it was on a topic I am interested in. I’d love to see more links (possibly about how/if other universities employ a similar system or more on how SGA was able to gain this ground in the university). Also, I think a great follow-up post will be to see if the system actually works given the potential problems you mentioned (specifically the fact that there will be back-to-back games that could make the sign-up process confusing). It will be interested to see how students like it in a few weeks when it is in full effect.

  2. Ha! I work for SGA, and this is the first positive feedback we’ve received. Thanks a lot.

    We kept trying to say this sort of system was for the students. If we didn’t implement a system, the fire marshal was saying they’d take out the number of seats. In the long run, with this system we will be able to get more students into the game.

    I wish more people saw it the way you do.

  3. cricha18 says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea and it’s about time that we finally have a proper ticketing system for the basketball games. I remember a few years ago I waited in line for the WVU vs. Pitt game for over 9 hours and I still didn’t get to sit front row for the game. Even though this is my last semester here at the university I really hope this new system will make things easier for future and current students to attend the games.

  4. dkrotz says:

    I’m surprised that WVU hadn’t adopted this sooner for basketball ticketing. It saves the hassle of students having to line up outside of the Coliseum for hours in the cold and waiting for the best seats to the game. Having been present several years ago at a Backyard Brawl when students were waiting out in the cold for hours and then basically rushed the doors when they were opened, and actually broke a door off of its hinges, I’m sure the Coliseum staff is also happy with this change. However, I had been wondering about the convenience of this for a student. It takes away the ability of a student to just stop in and take in the game. And, like you stated, because the team plays much more often than the football team, there is some confusion about when registration begins, especially if there are multiple games in one week. It would be interesting to see the perspective of a student who doesn’t like the new ticketing system, too.

  5. rachelwvu says:

    Just so you know, I began reading a different post, but my eyes wondered to the side of the page where I saw this title. I clicked on it because I’ve wished they would do this for FIVE YEARS. Your post is definitely timely, since basketball is starting up, and it’s interesting because I’ve wondered how they would go about it. It’s informative, as well! I’m glad I won’t have to freeze too death or get squished to the point my feet don’t touch the ground (lol) while standing in line ANY MORE!

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