Fishing Northern West Virginia


November 1, 2013 by trentcu

Among the activities that are commonly labeled “manly,” there are few as traditional as the activity of fishing. Though there are those who consider it to be a dull, uneventful sport, they’re rivaled by those who embrace the challenge it presents and the feeling of relaxation it can induce. For those who enjoy fishing and desire to take in some open air and great scenery, the area provides some terrific autumn fishing locations within an hour’s drive of the city of Morgantown.

IMG_0090[1]The Coopers Rock Trout Pond provides a near ideal fishing opportunity for one residing in Morgantown for a couple of reasons: its terrific accessibility, being located off the park’s Interstate 68 exit and directly next to a large public parking area, and the fact it is heavily stocked with trout twice in the month of October. The pond’s accessibility and large supply of trout attract a lot of fishermen, which obviously implies that it gets fished heavily, but opportunities for success persist for more skilled sportsmen.

IMG_0094[1]Though widely known for its excellent whitewater rafting opportunities, the Cheat River also provides great opportunities to catch large fish, as a non-profit organization takes the liberty of stocking two to five pound rainbow trout in the river throughout the year. With the river running parallel to State Route 72 for miles north of the town of Rowelsburg, accessibility to the river is greatly enhanced.

IMG_0098[1]Though I took this image with its water levels extremely low, Big Sandy Creek somehow manages to maintain its scenic integrity. With a plethora of public access points in and around the town of Bruceton Mills, fishermen are not limited relative to the stretches of the creek they can fish. Heavily stocked with trout in the spring, the creek has maintained great diversity in its fish population over the years, as it sheltered the state record rock bass.

For those intrigued by these locations, I’ve placed them in a geographical context in the map below.


5 thoughts on “Fishing Northern West Virginia

  1. samanthacart says:

    I really enjoyed your post because of its interactivity. You really took it to the next level by providing good links, pictures, and the Google map. It made reading about fishing opportunities intriguing for someone who (self-admittedly) finds fishing incredibly boring. However, I would share this post with several of my guy friends who really enjoying fishing because I think it is something they could actually use, taking it from a “calendar” post to something beneficial to WVU students and Morgantown residents.

  2. karleapack says:

    You probably wouldn’t know it looking at me, but being a born and raised West Virginian… I secretly love to fish. It’s always such a thrill when you see that bobber dip and feel your line tighten up! This post had some great elements. I love that the pictures clearly show that you took them recently (because of the leaves), which gave the post more of a “dedicated” or “passionate” feel, if you will. The map is perfect for showing which fishing locations are available or even closest to the reader. Great post, keep up the good work!

  3. ryanfadus says:

    This was a very informative post that provided just the right amount of information to help readers understand where you are trying to go. The inclusion of pictures and the map were excellent in helping get your point across. The links themselves also provided a great deal information themselves and allowed readers to gain a better understanding of the fishing spots. All in all a very well written post with great information and visuals.

  4. rachelwvu says:

    Thank you for this! I prefer wade fishing, so I can just look at your pictures and tell where I should go. Big Sandy Creek is a good spot because a dam helps control the water. Waist-deep water (or chest deep for shorties like me) means good fishin’! If the Cheat River is low, it would be just as good.

    Your pictures are really key here. Without them, I wouldn’t have made those connections. Great job!

  5. I love the map! It really adds to the article, and it makes it mean so much more. One thing that might be good to add would be how many fish you can catch. I think it’s only two at the trout pond, but that’s important to know for any manly man lookin’ to go fishin’ for the day.

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