WVU to host a zombie shootout for Halloween weekend


October 31, 2013 by frostedtsaar

Zombie Apocalypse Shootout Attack
Saturday, November 2, 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
MountainLair Food Court

Do you like the idea of shooting humans with no jail time and a sense of moral accomplishment? Of course you do; that’s why we at the Man Cave love zombies. Big, vicious sacks of meat running around that clearly would be better off with a 12-guage in the eye. Fantastic.

Well, unfortunately, the real zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened (yet), so close up your safe room for now. Keep those guns loaded and your all-terrain zombie death-vehicle fueled, though. Don’t have an all-terrain zombie death vehicle? Waste of resources, you say? Don’t come crying to us when you’ve got 100 post-humans between you and the Twinkie factory.


Because we’re not really in a position to help anyway.

Is the gist of what I’m saying.

What was this post about, again? Oh, right, so WVU is hosting a Zombie Apocalypse Shootout Attack this Saturday at WVUpAllNight. Finally, it seems WVU accepted the Man Cave’s proposal to begin mandatory zombie defense training for the students.

According to Daryn Vucelik, lead intern for UpAllNight, Saturday will be WVU’s very first zombie-themed weekend.

“I guess zombies are just really in right now!” she told me excitedly.

The shootout will be put on by New York-based entertainment company Bobby K Entertainment (likely a government front). I was surprised that WVU was bringing people in all the way from New York for UpAllNight, but Vucelik tells me that it’s “pretty typical for [WVU] to work with entertainment companies that come from all over the country.”

“We want to best events out there for out students,” she explained. “We leave it open for places — we have some from Michigan, we’ve had them come from Maryland, New York.”

This weekend’s activity will consist of a “classic game of capture the flag using a ‘human body’ as the bait and soft glow in the dark balls as the ammunition as you defend your lives,” according to the website. Here, check out this video, and try to ignore the overly-dramatic announcer:

So, looks like two lucky people get dolled up to look like brain-eaters and try to kidnap a human replica. Actually, might need to get those makeup artists in on the Man Cave’s Zombie Defense Team in case we have to go into enemy territory and blend in. Adding that to the list.


Vucelik expects this weekend to have one of their biggest turnouts yet, with Make Your Own Movie Posters, zombie makeup and zombie food. For a full list of events, tune your browser to this link, and hopefully I’ll see you there. Happy Halloween.


12 thoughts on “WVU to host a zombie shootout for Halloween weekend

  1. This is so wild. Did anybody go to this? And they say UpAllNight is for losers. Ha!
    Nothing beats free food and a zombie shootout. I’m curious: where’s the money coming from that pays for these things? Does the Lair have a budget they can use to bring in all this entertainment? If so, they should use it to bring in local artists to play music. The zombie shootout is cool and all but it would be even better if they consistently had an open mic.

    • kevinmduvall says:

      Open mics and bands would be nice. Up All Night had some concerts when I was a freshman (2006-07) but I don’t remember seeing any after that. My sister went to WVU from 2002-06, and she saw concerts at Up All Night too. The couple I went to had good turnouts (as free concerts likely would), so I was surprised to see the concerts go away. I don’t know what happened, but like many, I’ve often thought WVU was underutilizing all the local musicians it could contact for shows. And open mics would give students a chance to perform who might otherwise not have that opportunity.

      • frostedtsaar says:

        You guys should shoot the woman I interviewed in this article an email! I’m sure they’re receptive to any ideas that would bring in more people.

      • Somebody should hit up Sonja Wilson, the director of the Mountainlair, and put her in touch with someone savvy to the local music scene. I bet the bands fell out of the loop when whoever was organizing it graduated or something. I’d love to see more live music from students, especially when I’ve had a few drinks and I’m shoving fake scrambled eggs into my face.

  2. samanthacart says:

    This is a great post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I loved the flow and the language you chose, and the enriching links you provided. While I did not participate in the Zombie shoot-out, I did go to the Bobby K Entertainment make-up booth, where they did my make-up. They were very talented, and I had a great time. I am glad you gave me the opportunity to visit their website and see what other kinds of things they do. This post is great because it is witty, gives a promo of an event going on at the lair, but also provides a brief glimpse into how hard WVU works to provide fun and appealing UpAllNight activities to give students alternative weekend entertainment.

  3. samanthacart says:

    I don’t know if you can tell, but I provided a link to my zombie experience. Just click the word make-up in the comment!

    • frostedtsaar says:

      Ouch, looks like you guys got messed up bad; you will be mourned as part of those brave enough to stand against the zombie hoard, and posthumously inducted into the Man Cave. Care packages are on their way to your families.

      It is pretty hard to see links in our comments, huh? I’ll look into fixing it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and thanks for the kind words!

  4. iamoore says:

    I really liked this post, just like your personal blog, I really enjoy reading your posts because of the personality and passion that you put into it. I loved the slight twist of paranoid conspiracy theorist that comes through in this post. Keep up the good work and keep writing with the same fun spirit.

  5. I definitely liked your voice throughout the post. I heard about this, but never looked into more information before it happened. I know you were referencing Zombieland, so maybe you should connect your joke with a link to make the more obvious.

  6. ryanfadus says:

    This was a very well written post and it was interesting throughout. The interview added another element to the post and it helped the readers better understand it. The information included was helpful as well and by putting your own voice into it made it entertaining as well as informative. Also great use of pictures, videos and links.

  7. cricha18 says:

    I’ve always wanted to know what is the big fascination with zombies and the zombie apocalypse? I really, really want to know what the big deal is. I do, however, believe this is a great idea and a great way to have fun that doesn’t include going to high street or wherever else.

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