WVU parody accounts help bring hilarity to students and fans


October 30, 2013 by ryanfadus

There are thousands of Twitter accounts out there; whether they are regular people, celebrities or athletes.  When it comes to regular people or celebrities most of them usually speak their mind about hot button issues.  However, most athletes keep their thoughts to themselves on issues, sometimes they did let it slip.  Most of the time though they are very reserved and keep quiet about things.  That being said it is very common nowadays to see parody accounts of top athletes.  These accounts have nothing to do with the athlete, but they do speak the truth sometimes which a real athlete would probably never say.  Aside from doing all of that, they do sometimes interact with fans and even players themselves.

Even right here at WVU there are two parody accounts for men’s basketball head coach Bob Huggins and the head coach of the football team Dana Holgorsen.  Both of these accounts have many followers and at times will interact with them.  Looking at Huggins’ account he tries to start conversations with newspaper writers as well as students here at WVU.  Another funny thing about these two accounts is that they will occasionally tweet at one another and will sometimes get into arguments. On the Holgorsen account he will usually respond to almost anything, even if it has nothing to do with him.  The account even tweets at quarterback Clint Trickett almost daily and sometimes Trickett will actually respond.

While both of the accounts are very popular among students and fans with each generating thousands of followers.  Holgorsen’s account currently leads over Huggins’ by 5,000 followers.  Even though Holgorsen’s is more popular, both make their rounds whether that is talking to students, fans or their players.  These accounts are meant to be for fun and to give a satirical take to what is going on at the school or in the world.  For example, the fake Dana Holgorsen will actually give live game updates with a little something extra.

Many people may think that these accounts may hurt their imagine or that it may discredit them in some way.  Far from it, since in the names themselves they come out and say they are fake and have nothing to do with the real people.  These accounts also do not discredit the real Holgorsen or Huggins since they never post anything that can be considered serious or make any claims that are to be thought of as real.

Parody accounts have been showing up everywhere on Twitter and as long as they stay popular they won’t be going anywhere.  Even the athletes and coaches that are mocked never say anything bad about them, but in a sense they probably never pay attention to them anyways.  Whether they ignore them or not, parody accounts will be around for a long time and every day new ones are being created for athletes and coaches across all sports.


2 thoughts on “WVU parody accounts help bring hilarity to students and fans

  1. These parody accounts make me rofl so hard. The only reason I get on Twitter during WVU football games is to read Faux Coach Holgs.
    I’m curious what the teams think about these accounts. The parodies seem harmless and are pretty hilarious, but what does Dana think?.

  2. dkrotz says:

    These parody accounts are great. I love reading what they have to say and especially love their interaction with fans and each other. I have often wondered who is behind these accounts. They sometimes seem to have almost no time to do anything other than run these Twitter accounts. I also had wondered if they were run by the same person or if they were friends or if they were just completely separate people who had no relation at all. These accounts, especially this year, sure give WVU fans something to laugh about.

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