Morgantown hosts array of open mics


October 28, 2013 by ryanglaspell

In a college town like Morgantown there is a nearly endless amount of things to do once night time rolls around. While some want to corral at 4th & Goal and have beers and debates while watching the gameand others want to don their finest polo and fist pump until their pecs give out at Lux, some may opt to settle down and listen to some local talent at an open mic. Morgantown offers a number of venues that host a consistent schedule of open mics. Open mics can host local singer/songwriters longing to play their heartfelt tunes to anyone who will listen, poets with profound, introspective poems, or stand up comics with a pocketful of jokes waiting to be laughed at. Whether you’re wanting a coffee, a meal, or a full bar at your disposal, Morgantown has the open mic for you.

The map above plots out the different open mics in Morgantown. Click on each location for more info about the open mic.

123 Pleasant Street

When you’ve got that urge to fill your soul with unfiltered, raw music, 123’s atmosphere is right for you. Rather than a bar with music, 123 is first and foremost a venue, and a highly praised one at that. Most nights you can catch live music from local or touring bands. On Tuesdays the building, which boasts a full bar, opens itself up to all local musicians wanting to be heard. If you want to catch local talent in that dim, underground atmosphere every late-night urban adventure movie displays, look no further than 123 Pleasant Street.

Blue Moose Cafe

What college student doesn’t love coffee? Nothing screams “manly” more than black coffee when the stars are out. At Blue Moose Cafe on Wednesday night you can satisfy not only your caffeine craving, but your lust for authentic artists displaying their talent. Starting at 8 pm (if you want to perform you have to sign up by 7:30) you can sit back, sip on your beverage of preference, maybe eat a bagel, and enjoy some tunes and occasional poetry.


Yes, you read it right, Shooters Bar now offers open mics. Tuesday nights from 9:30-2:30 can now be spent at Shooters dancing and partying to amateur and local DJs, rappers and other artists. Do you make some “dope beats” on your Mac in your bedroom? You can now showcase your unsung skills to all the college kids that just want to have a good, carefree, possibly intoxicated, time.

McClafferty’s Irish Pub

Is that a hearty drinking song being caroled or just some home style music performed at McClafferty’s Irish Pub’s open mic? If it is Wednesday at around 10 p.m., then you may just be hearing some music courtesy of local artists. The weekly open mic, hosted by Hillbilly Gypsies’ Trae Buckner, brings in authentic talent from around Morgantown. Grab yourself some highly approved food while you’re at it.

Gibbie’s Pub & Eatery

The lone comedy open mic on the list resides at Gibbie’s. Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, beginning at 7:30 pm, you can get your funny bone tickled at this restaurant/bar on High Street.

So whether you want to strap up a guitar or work on your Kanye West impression, or just sit back and watch some local entertainment, now you can. Morgantown’s open mics don’t just cater to the artsy, hipster crowd. You can go to a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or music venue to fulfill your open mic needs.

While the burly man spends his days throatily screaming at his favorite sports team in attempt to intimidate them to do better, the gentleman enjoys some fine art and local talent from time to time. Indulge and do the same.

Any other local open mic hot spots out there? Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Morgantown hosts array of open mics

  1. I really like the way you used Google Maps here, and laid out several places where open mic night happens. I also liked the way you broke the blog up into subheadings to make it easier for people to read and easier to skim for those who may not have time. The only thing I wasn’t really crazy about was the use of some cliches in your post, but as a television student, we’re told to avoid those, so that could be why. Overall I think your post is great, and I have been to a few open mic nights to listen to friends play their music, and I have to say, they’re a lot more fun than they sound sometimes. Definitely something for people to check out!

  2. ebuchman5 says:

    I think one of the more unique things about Morgantown is the diversity of places to go downtown, and this is something I really enjoy about Morgantown. If you want to go out and have a few beers, you don’t have to go to a dance club and push through hoards of people just to find a seat. I love the integration of the map in this post, but I think it would be most useful for people coming in from out of town. Students in this town already know where all these places are, but I loved the idea!

    This post also does a nice job of keeping the description of each place concise, with some witty and funny writing to go with it. I was shocked to learn Shooters now does open mic night- so thanks for providing me with some new information! It was also interesting to me that Gibbie’s is the only place that does a comedy specific night, and I certainly didn’t know anything about it! It seems like there is a nice variety of bands and amateur musicians to really give Morgantown residents options in what they want to listen to, and this is definitely something I would consider checking out!

  3. iamoore says:

    Right off the bat I enjoyed this post because I feel it’s a topic that many locals know very little about. I know from personal experiences I will every once in a while see a flyer for an open mic, however I have a nasty habit of not paying much attention to flyers. You can really tell from reading your posts that music is something that you are truly passionate about. Keep up the good work and keep writing posts with this same level of interest, because it makes it a very enjoyable read.

  4. dkrotz says:

    Wow, that one was surprising to me. I really like your use of the map in this post. I also really like the write-up you gave for each of the locations. Morgantown has so much going on, especially when it comes to night life, and it seems like not many people are that familiar with the entire scene. You did a great job of talking about these events, but keeping it brief.

  5. rachelwvu says:

    Your sense of humor showed all through this post! You made me see that there’s more to open mic night than meets the eye. For example, I’ve never been to an open mic night because I never thought it was my scene; however, even though I might not enjoy “dope beats” (LOL), I do enjoy comedy…I think I’m more of a Gibbie’s kind of girl. Anyway, you are able to convey your personality well in your writing. I think it shows that you’re genuine and trustworthy, and who wouldn’t appreciate a blogger with those qualities?!

  6. […] A few weeks back the Man Cave highlighted some of Morgantown’s top open mic spots. While checking out budding singer/songwriters and other unheard of acts is appealing to some, there are others who yearn for the more established music scene. If there are a handful of good open mics, there are multiple muscular, hairy man-handfuls of places to satisfy your urge for some live tunes. […]

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