How WVU students can sign up and participate in intramurals


October 23, 2013 by ryanfadus

While West Virginia University has some top notch Division I athletic teams, not everyone is good enough to join them.  That is where intramural teams come into play.  WVU offers several different sports for students to sign up for during the Fall Semester.  They are great ways to stay in shape as well as play with your friends.

Sports currently going on include; indoor soccer, flag football, dodgeball and bowling.  Registration for these sports took place back in September, except for flag football when signups were open in August.  In order to register for these sports, you must first create an account on IMLeagues website, after finding the West Virginia Universitywvu intrumural section.  Once this is done you can now register your team to play the sport.  Some have just straight fees while one other requires you to pay a little more.

Bowling however, is completely free to everyone who wishes to play with a team.  The next two cheapest ones are indoor soccer and dodgeball, both coming in at $11.  Flag football ups the price a bit costing $26 for a team.  Signups are now going on for 3-on-3 basketball, which end November 1st.  The cost for this is $60 for a team, which each player paying an additional $15.

Each sport also gives many people the opportunity to participate.  Indoor soccer, bowling, dodgeball and basketball all feature co-rec leagues, men’s leagues and women’s leagues.  Flag football on the other hand offers many more including; a fraternity league, a residence halls’ league as well as a men’s A, B, and C men’s leagues.  By setting it up like this it gets more people involved and really doesn’t leave anyone out when it comes to participation.  With co-rec leagues between one and four females must be on the team in order for everyone to participate.

By doing this the teams are all even and it keeps some teams from getting the upper hand on others.  Flag football has teams feature four females and two males.  Certain sports also allow teams to have an unlimited number of players, while basketball only allows a maximum of four players on the team.

All of these sports, except for basketball are currently going on right now.  Flag football on the other hand is over.  However, just because a sport is going doesn’t mean you can’t join it.  You can still join a team even after it has already began, all you have to do is sign up for it like usual.  Allowing students to do this is great, since if they forget to register during the required dates then this still gives them the chance to participate.

Intramural sports are very popular among students and it allows them to play with their friends as well as make new ones.  They are also beneficial to getting more people involved whether it is through a co-rec league or a fraternity league.  While the co-rec allows for both male and females to play, the fraternity league is strictly for frats.  Even though that league may seem a little exclusive, it is still a good way for all the frats to play against one another constantly instead of only playing them once or twice a season.  You can also find WVU Intramurals on Twitter and Facebook to get updates about what sports are going on and when sign ups begin.


One thought on “How WVU students can sign up and participate in intramurals

  1. samanthacart says:

    I may be in the minority on this one, but I had no idea how easy it was to sign up for intramural sports here. Now I’m in my fifth year at WVU, and I recently played on my first intramural team. Five friends and I played in an intramural volleyball tournament, and it was a blast. I was surprised, as someone who has no claims to athleticism, at how much fun I had. I think your post is helpful and provides great information on a way to get involved about which some people may have no prior knowledge.

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