Welcome to the Man Cave


October 21, 2013 by Kevin M. Duvall

College life can be stressful. Higher education is rewarding, but working on a multitude of classes, projects, papers, notes and exams all at once can be draining.

After a long week of rushing to meet deadlines and writing a novel’s worth of data analysis, students need to walk away from school and spend some time in fun and relaxing places. Everyone needs to retreat to his (or her) metaphorical man cave, and the authors of this blog want to share some of Morgantown’s many great getaways.

Visual approximation of this blog's authors. Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC Universal.

Visual approximation of this blog’s authors. Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC Universal.

As the blog title suggests, all the authors are men. Some of us have bold beards and manly mustaches. Others prefer a classy, clean-cut look. More importantly, we all love our favorite recreational activities, be they playing in recreational sports leagues, cheering on our favorite teams, mastering the latest video games, rocking out to our favorite bands, kicking back with a movie or taking in any other fine form of entertainment.

Our focus is on the communities surrounding these things. Rather than recapping football games or reviewing albums, we want to explore the local football fan community and area bands and listeners. We want readers to discover new topics of interest and learn how they can participate.

Although this blog is written by men, it is not exclusively for men. All students want to relax and have fun, as do Morgantown’s many non-student residents, so everyone is welcome and encouraged to read. We might be writing from a man cave, but we’re writing about a town full of diverse people and ideas.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Man Cave

  1. trentcu says:

    This is a very sound intro to the blog, as you’ve both established a foundation and foreshadowed the content that is to come. I feel you explained the focus really well.

  2. zvoreh says:

    Hmm I was hesitant to read this blog at first, I’m not a real big sports guy, but after reading through a few post I feel I may have been wrong. I like the group feel that each post pertains to an interest of the average college guy or gal but there you didn’t have to make a themed week to hold it all together. I like the brevity of the post but do with some were more informative. over all not bad and I will have to check it out in the future.

  3. karleapack says:

    OK, first off, I just want to tell you all how much I love the “Mustaches.” part of the tagline. It’s perfect and made me giggle. The overall theme of your blog is very broad with many topics, making it easy to relate with many readers. Also, I really like how you chose to explain in depth that this wasn’t only for men, and even further, saying this blog isn’t only just for students either. It gives off a good welcoming vibe for any reader.

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