“The World is a Beautiful Place” and David Bello’s return to Morgantown


October 21, 2013 by ryanglaspell

What: The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die
When: Thursday, October 24th, 8 p.m.
Where: 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown, WV

Source: speakimge

Source: speakimge

David Bello knows what it is like to be a Morgantown resident. Having performed with multiple bands and played many shows while attending West Virginia University, he’s no stranger to the local music scene.

After his departure from Morgantown, Bello lived in Brooklyn for awhile. When rising atmospheric emo/indie outfit The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die was in need of a vocalist, Bello was given a call. Since Bello joined the band it has been full steam ahead, touring across the country, as well as a recent Canadian tour. TWIABP, a member of Topshelf records, has gained positive reactions from fans and critics alike. Music publications such as absolutepunk and SPIN have commended the spacey, emotion-packed sound of the band. They boast over 30,000 Facebook fans and their songs on YouTube generate dozens of thousands of views.

This Thursday Bello, joined by his bandmates, will return to Morgantown for a show at 123 Pleasant Street, the town’s most coveted music venue. The stage in the low-key, cozy venue is like a second home to Bello. Prior to TWIABP, he stood on that stage more times than he can remember. “(I’ve) played more shows there than I’ve ever even gone to shows any other place,” said Bello.

“123 pleasant street is my all-time favorite venue, possibly tied with Swerp Mansion (r.i.p.) in Chicago,” he said. Despite the mass of shows performed at 123, he has yet to tire of it. He continued, “They have better sound than Irving Plaza in Manhattan and offer a better overall experience than any other venue I’ve been to across the US.”

TWIABP’s show this Thursday is anticipated not only by local fans welcoming back a hometown hero, but by Bello himself. Having been a member of the local music scene for years, coming back to once again perform music at 123 is a blast of nostalgia for Bello. “It’s honestly not that much different from when I lived there,” Bello said, “I’ll most likely be playing in front of the same people who supported me for years as a local performer and having just as good a time.”

Bello’s sentiments are a testament to the unity and fulfillment that comes from being a part of Morgantown’s music scene. Whether you are the one performing or the audience member earnestly listening to the music, this scene welcomes you. Even for Bello, who has experienced a moderate amount of success in the past few years, Morgantown holds a kindly allure to it. He said, “It would have been easy to stick around in Morgantown playing music as a hobby and living happily ever after.”

There may be those who criticize local music and keep their noses in the air until the next star comes through Morgantown to play at the Creative Arts Center, but have no doubt that wonderful music is abound, even in smaller venues. Any qualms can be relinquished this Thursday. Instead of spending “Thirsty Thursday” at a club or sports bar, make your way to 123 Pleasant Street and let your thirst be quenched with the unrelenting emotion displayed by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die. The show starts at 8 p.m. and it is $10.

Listen to their 2013 release, Whenever, If Ever below.


9 thoughts on ““The World is a Beautiful Place” and David Bello’s return to Morgantown

  1. Derrick’s returning too. He’s a solid WV dude.

  2. Really good idea to put the Spotify playlist on here! Awesome!

  3. Great piece. I found it really hard to write music reviews or report on a show for the DA because it IS still a newspaper. I like how it’s more laid back in a blog, and you can definitely show more of how you really feel. David is a friend of mine, so it’s always great to hear him. My first time ever in Morgantown, and I went to a house show where he played. We have tons of mutual friends, most of which are musicians, and I know just how much he has influenced the 123 crowd here. He is probably the most significant person you could interview for Morgantown music of this generation.

    I also thought incorporating the Spotify playlist was a perfect idea. This way people can click it, listen and run out the door for an awesome night.

    On that note, have fun tonight. 🙂

  4. ryanfadus says:

    Really interesting article, with a lot of great information. Good job giving the readers some background information as well as linking to places where his band has been mentioned. Also it’s great that you included a few quotes from him as well as putting a Spotify in at the end. This is great for giving people a chance to listen to his music.

  5. dkrotz says:

    I’m not as in touch with the local music scene as I probably should be, but I really like this post. I thought it was really neat seeing the quotes form the WVU alum who is in the band and talking about his experience at 123 Pleasant Street. I also really like that you included the playlist from the band’s latest album. This was very helpful for someone, like me, who is not familiar with the band.

  6. rachelwvu says:

    This read a lot like a feature news article, but that’s fine! I think the interview served two purposes–to let us know about 123 Pleasant Street and the artist himself. It’s good that people enjoy coming back here. It reflects well on Morgantown and the entire state. Good thinking with your Spotify addition!

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